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      The Military History Research Foundation (MHRF) was incorporated to establish a
        permanent, World-class Museum of Military History in South Florida.

       The MHRF Board of Directors envision a multifaceted institution that:

        Can potentially house exhibits from all eras and nationalities
        Will explain land, naval and air warfare
        Showcases the rich history and traditions of the armed forces of the United States.
        Has exhibits relevant to South Florida’s history and veterans
        Hosts special events and educational activities
        Supports other organizations and their events throughout South Florida

USS Atherton

The museum project has three distinct components:

                                 The Mobile Exhibit
                                 The Main Building
                                 The Naval Exhibt

The Mobile Exhibit “takes the show on the road”, and is based on historic military vehicles from many eras. The vehicles allow the foundation to support external events by bringing history to the public, and by complimenting displays, presentations, and exhibitions.

The Main Building will be a multi-use facility that will securely house the Foundation’s collection of artifacts, items on loan from external sources, host visiting exhibits, and provide space for educational activities, special events, and MHRF’s administrative offices.

The Naval Exhibit will be museum and memorial. The most challenging part of this project will be the acquisition of a historic, ex-US Navy warship to be the exhibit’s primary artifact for interpretation. The ideal scenario to make this plan a reality will allow the cultivation of the necessary relationships between MHRF and all stakeholders in the community. This cooperative effort will identify a fitting location for the exhibit, and ensure all applicable regulatory compliance. These efforts will help create an exhibit that will do justice to the history MHRF has assumed stewardship of.

Preliminary consideration for location of the Main Building favors two historic airports in Broward County. The Naval Exhibit has more location options based on the type of ship MHRF hopes to acquire. This vessel also mitigates a number of potential obstacles presented by South Florida’s unique hydrography and coastal geography.  The final location will depend in large part on the approval that can be derived from cooperation with various governments and agencies at the Municipal, County, State, and Federal level.

In spite of these challenges, it remains the unanimous opinion of the MHRF Board of Directors that South Florida is long overdue for such an institution.