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The primary missions of the Military History Research Foundation are Preservation,          Commemoration and Education.


The MHRF is made up of a group of military veterans, historians and enthusiasts. These  highly  dedicated individuals have spent much of their lives studying military history. As part of these studies, these individuals also have extensive experience in the acquisition, preservation and restoration of artifacts ranging from insignia to vehicles.

All artifacts are windows into the past which can be learned from and hopefully appreciated. Truly   exceptional artifacts that operate and make history come alive create the most memorable experiences. Riding in a jeep during a parade, watching a vintage warbird in flight at an air show     or taking a nostalgia cruise aboard a restored Victory ship are some examples enthusiasts participate in to gain a deeper appreciation for the experiences of military veterans.

MHRF will create and maintain exhibits that are mobile and static. As many exhibits as possible will be geared toward maximum interaction, especially during public events.

Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber WWII


MHRF gives back to the community by hosting special events, and supporting external events, often in partnership with friendly organizations whose mission is similar to the Foundation's.

The vast majority of these events recognize and honor the sacrifices made by United States and Allied veterans of all eras, especially those wounded or disabled in the defense of freedom.

As part of these efforts, MHRF will always support and promote patriotism, appreciation of military tradition, and good citizenship amongst it's members, supporters and the public at large.

Community involvement is the cornerstone of public and private support for our mission.


MHRF is totally committed to historically accurate education of the public using well-researched exhibits, demonstrations and presentations. In so doing, the Foundation will promote the responsible study of military history as a respectable intellectual discipline.

MHRF will forever remain dedicated to this core principle of historical accuracy in all of its business. This will include a balanced presentation of US and foreign exhibits.

Related priorities will include the debunking of myths, urban legends and other misperceptions that have flooded popular culture.

These efforts will be especially directed toward resisting the persistent agenda of the revisionist movement. This movement has unnecessarily complicated the thoughtful consideration, discussion and debate of many controversial historic topics.